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Intellerati is the preferred alternative to contingency search firms for a growing number of talent acquisition leaders. Frequently, contingency search firms fail to deliver the candidate clients need. As an alternative to contingency, we work by monthly retainer, giving clients the opportunity to save.

The Challenge

Contingency search, when it works, can be amazing. The problem is the risk. Because they work “for free”, contingency firms have to focus on the quickest, easiest placements or go out of business. They pursue active candidates, many of the same people who’ve already applied through your corporate website, a talent pool that generally is of lesser quality than passive candidates who are not seeking their next job. When contingency firms do find a stellar candidate, they shop that individual to all your competitors and you can’t really blame them. They don’t get paid unless they make a placement. Moreover, they are free to walk away anytime a search gets too challenging, and frequently do.  Consequently, positions languish unfilled and you have no idea what, if anything, the firm has done on your behalf. They don’t owe you any explanation. We find that kind of scary.

The Solution

Intellerati powers every engagement with expert, investigative research for exceptional results. It is as if someone has suddenly turned on the lights. We conduct research to identify, profile, and recruit the best candidates. Within a week of launch, we deliver a list of prospective candidates. We prioritize outreach to those candidates of greatest interest. Then in an orchestrated email, phone, and social media campaign, we market the opportunity to those individuals, conduct phone screens, and ultimately deliver a slate of interested, qualified candidates.  Not only that, we hand over all the research that your team can use to make additional hires at no additional cost, something traditional firms never do.  Even better, we  give you the opportunity to save because our fees are based on the amount of work we do — not on a percentage of salary. (Why settle for less?)

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