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Our team of executive search researchers offers expertise that is unparalleled. Intellerati was founded by an award-winning investigative journalist and is staffed by investigative recruiters. Our recruiting research team consistently uncovers top executive talent other firms miss.

Krista Bradford

Krista Bradford

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Krista Bradford is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Good Search, LLC and also heads the firm’s recruiting research division, Intellerati, leading its team of investigative researchers. In fact, The Good Search is the first and leading investigative executive search and recruiting research practice in the business. The firm delivers top-performing executives and technologists to clients that range from venture capital and private equity portfolio companies to Fortune 500 clients wherever business collides with the Internet.

Before founding the company in 1999, Ms. Bradford served as a three-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and television journalist. She specialized in data journalism. She held positions with WNBC and WWOR in New York as well as with stations in Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. She was a national news correspondent for “The Reporters” on the Fox Television Network and a senior correspondent Tribune’s nationally syndicated “Now It Can Be Told” series. She studied at Harvard University and Columbia University, ultimately obtaining her BA in Liberal Arts at The New School.

Ms. Bradford lives in Westport, Connecticut with husband Crispin Cioe, a renowned saxophonist, composer, and founder of the band Cracked Ice. Their daughter, Katharine Cioe, is becoming an MD at Quinnipiac’s Netter School of Medicine. Ms. Bradford volunteers as a Crisis Counselor with the Crisis Text Line. And she occasionally fights the good fight, serving as a whistleblower in a Wall Street Journal expose on Dun & Bradstreet and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility. She also has served as a founding advisor to NewsTrust, a website that helped people find and share good journalism online, so they could make more informed decisions as citizens.

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