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Retained Search Alternative

Retained Search Alternative

Intellerati is a retained search alternative.  For a growing number of talent acquisition leaders, we are the alternative-of-choice to leading retained executive search firms  Some companies want the quality of retained executive search, but with greater flexibility.  Other companies could use a hand conducting the executive search themselves.  They don’t need or want full-service retained search. Intellerati gives clients the help they need, No more, no less. In doing so, we give clients opportunity to save.

The Challenge

Retained search, when it works, delivers top talent. The problem is the risk. On average, 40% of all retained search engagements fail to complete. With engagement fees often in excess of $100-thousand per search, that exacts a tremendous cost. Even more frightening, traditional retained search firms don’t provide employers with an audit trail to determine why a search has failed. Instead of embracing transparency, the retained search model remains opaque. In addition, traditional retained firms that base their fees on a percentage of total compensation stand to benefit by inflating the salaries of the candidates they place. That is why percentage-based fees represent a significant conflict of interest. Last, retained firms have failed to take research to the next level when research is the execution engine of search.

The Solution

Intellerati powers every engagement with expert recruiting research. We make search smarter. It is as if someone has suddenly turned on the lights. Within a week of launch, we deliver a list of prospective candidates. We prioritize outreach to candidates of greatest interest. We market the job opportunity to priority executives. We contact, screen, and ultimately deliver interested, qualified candidates to your doorstep. In addition, we hand over all the research,something traditional search firms never do. Your team can use that research to make additional hires at no additional cost, Moreover, you can use that research to audit our work. You never have to wonder what we’ve don’t or who we’ve talked to on your behalf.  We give you unprecedented transparency. Why settle for less?

Intellerati research supports the success of internal executive search teams.  For clients that lack the internal capability to manage interested candidates through to hire, we invite you to visit our retained search division The Good Search.

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