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Executive Recruiting Research Case Studies

Intellerati tracks critical metrics of all our executive search research, candidate sourcing, executive mapping and recruiting research, and custom research engagements.  While the metrics of each engagement may vary, we measure what we do to discover opportunities to raise the bar. We are dedicated to innovating faster-better-smarter ways to deliver game-changing talent as we optimize the corporate workforce and senior executive careers.

Our case studies give us the chance to conduct research about our work to tease out the many ways we help our clients.  Sometimes we don’t understand all that clients value until we ask. Moreover, our case studies help clients understand our approach and the potential it holds to make recruiting smarter. Because smarter is better. For instance, we believe one of the most telling metrics is how quickly we present the candidate who is ultimately hired.  So we measure it.

  • We care about driving performance, so we measure it.
  • We care about the quality of our research, so we measure it.
  • We care about diversity so we measure it.
  • We care about closing searches ASAP, so we measure it.
  • We care about client Return on Investment (ROI), so we measure it.
  • We care about client satisfaction, so we measure it.

Every one of our case studies is rooted in fact-based metrics that document Intellerati’s exceptional results. Below are case studies exemplifying our domain expertise and subject-matter knowledge across a wide range of practice areas.



Case Study | Senior Executive Diversity Talent Pool

Case Study: Senior Executive Diversity Talent Pool Case Study Scenario In our case study of a Senior Executive Diversity Talent Pool, a global media and entertainment company retained Intellerati to identify and profile top diverse senior-level executives working at...

Case Study: Top-Secret Executive Search

A technology giant engaged Intellerati to fill a mission-critical opening for which failure was not an option. The engagement was the ultimate needle-in-a-haystack search.  In fact, our client informed us that it had “no idea where in the world the ideal candidate might be located or whether the candidate even exists.”

Case Study of Talent Ecosystem Research for M&A

Case Study of Talent Ecosystem Research for M&A Case Study Scenario Our client, a Fortune 100 technology company, retained Intellerati to conduct a study of the talent involved in developing exciting new applications for an innovative technology the company had...

Case Study | Strategy Consulting Talent Pipeline

Case Study of Strategy Consulting  Talent Pipeline Case Study Scenario Intellerati case study of a management consultant talent pipeline. Our client, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, came to us with a voracious need for consultants to feed the...

Case Study | Ad Agency President Executive Search

Case Study of Executive Search for Ad Agency President Case Study Scenario A case study of an Ad Agency President Executive Search: Our client, one of the leading marketing communications agencies in the world, needed to find a President to lead their digital...

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