Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Sample Org Chart

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Sample Org Chart

There are more than 160 employees in our Facebook AI Org Chart that we offer by subscription. The org chart below gives you a sample of the first dozen or so AI professionals included in the chart.

See who is where

One of the benefits of a chart is that you get to see what talent is located where. We organize talent by location, most individuals reporting into a site lead.

We have listed the research areas of interest of FAIR members on each person’s box in the chart.

Explore the functionality.

Check out the searchability, as well as the right sidebar views, expand/collapse, and zoom function.

Click into each person’s box in the chart to view contact information, biographies, and links to explore other pertinent details including AI research citations in Google Scholar.

Become a Charter Member

Become a charter member, enjoy the benefits as you shape and influence our offerings.  We invite all charter members to share their thoughts and suggestions as we build out org charts of the companies of greatest interest.

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