How Org Charts Make Executive Recruiting Ridiculously Easy
April 05, 2021
by Krista Bradford

How Org Charts Make Executive Recruiting Easy


Target company org charts make executive recruiting easy. No doubt, executive recruiting is often challenging for most corporations. The stakes are high. The more senior and important the role, the greater its impact on the company. That’s because a single bad hire can cause unthinkable damage to your bottom line. As a result, executive search done well focuses on targeting the best-of-the-best candidates. But how, exactly, do you do that? LinkedIn has been the go-to candidate sourcing resource for most corporate recruiting teams. However, LinkedIn often makes executive search wildly inefficient. By comparison, org charts make executive recruiting ridiculously easy. That is why we offer org charts of high-interest companies, for your eyes only.

LinkedIn Recruiter requires a lot of work. Yes, you can post jobs on LinkedIn. Yes, you can sift through hundreds of millions of profiles in search of a hire. No doubt you will fill some searches some of the time. But there will be times LinkedIn Recruiter will come up short.


LinkedIn’s Data Quality Problem

LinkedIn profiles are crowd-sourced. The business networking site captures only the career information that members are willing to share. A lot of the profiles are old and outdated. Many offer up little more than a name, title, and employer. Few profiles share contact information. Some profiles are even fake.


Extra Work and Wasted Time

These data shortcomings create a lot of busy work for internal executive search teams. Bad data wastes precious time. Worse, it can make recruiting wildly inefficient and cause executive searches to fail.

Fortune 100 companies will often struggle to fill an executive opening for half a year or longer. Eventually, they turn to us for help.


Recruiting Burnout

At this point, their sourcing and recruiting teams are pretty tapped out. Hiring executives are growing impatient. Corporate heads of executive search are at their wit’s end. They just want to understand how to fix the thing. By this time, their list of potential candidates has mushroomed to hundreds of prospects.

When we review the sourcing and recruiting work, we usually discover massive holes in the research. The existing list features just one or two candidates from an ideal target company when a dozen amazing candidates are available.

That error is repeated in different ways across most organizations the search is targeting. In other words, while their long list is brimming with not-quite-right candidates, spot-on executives remain undiscovered, unrecruited, and unhired.


LinkedIn puts Candidates in a Blender with the Lid Off

In other words, LinkedIn Recruiter is a little like putting hundreds of millions of candidates in a blender with the lid off and hitting purée. It is that disorganized.


What LinkedIn Recruiter Does Not Do for you

LinkedIn doesn’t map companies or teams where your candidate might sit. The social network doesn’t verify that the information is current. The Microsoft subsidiary doesn’t test email and phone information. It doesn’t dig up additional information to fill in gaps in career profiles. As a result, you don’t know whether you’ve found every viable candidate at a company.


A Social Network is Not an executive search Silver Bullet

It isn’t your recruiting team’s fault. LinkedIn was never designed to give you a clear picture of available talent. At its very core, LinkedIn is a social network. It is not a silver bullet for executive search.


Org Charts Are Actionable

Now, imagine an org chart of virtually everyone at a target company from the CEO down to the level at which you are recruiting. Because it is an online org chart, it is dynamic. You can click in to view biographies for every executive in the chart. Verified phone and email information are all right there, ready for recruiters to use.

Clearly, org charts are an investment. You must conduct deep research to develop that kind of quality information. But once you do, they’re recruiting gold.


Where to Get Org Charts

You can build your own org charts of target companies. You can commission a research firm to build custom org charts for you. Or you can subscribe to online org charts of high-interest companies. (See The Definitive Guide to Org Charts.)


Skip Sourcing Entirely

Once you get your hands on org charts of your top target companies, you can skip sourcing entirely. You simply scan each org chart for the best talent each target company has to offer. Done. It is that easy. All you need to do is add org charts to your recruiting toolkit and you take a quantum leap.


Quantum Recruiting

In other words, there is something you can do when LinkedIn Recruiter hits the wall. Increasingly, corporate executive search teams are harnessing The Secret Power of Org Charts. With that simple step, they stop searching and start finding.

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