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We explore the latest candidate sourcing strategies and tactical methods focused on making the executive search process smarter and more effective. Article |Passive Candidate Sourcing on

Passive Candidate Sourcing with the Federal Election Commission Database by Krista Bradford  (Originally published on Jun 7, 2002) Whenever I am working on a search, I try to identify candidates by using unusual sources of information. I’ve come to appreciate...

Why Name Gen is SO NOT Recruiting Research

Really, name gen! Like there’s a such a shortage of names that the 100 million registered users on LinkedIn feel so alone. That’s like saying that brothers or sisters on the TV show 19 Kids and Counting just can’t get enough of each other or that the Octamom is lonely. Wait, she still is! I mean, really!

Candidate Mapping for Top Talent

Candidate or executive mapping — tracing the reporting relationships of prospective candidates you identify — is a powerful way to bulletproof talent acquisition. When you map specific teams at target companies out of which you recruit, you are raising your game by making sure you that your don’t miss talent that should be included on your list of prospects.

Passive Candidate Data: Sourcing Deep Data is Best

Passive Candidate Data: Sourcing Deep Data is Best Passive candidate sourcing for candidates is difficult for corporate recruiting teams to scale.   The passive candidate data is shallow. It rarely provides the depth of information needed to determine whether a...

Preemptive Calibration: Determining Who Is Good

Recruiting research should develop qualitative information about passive candidates early on to reduce the risk of candidate implosion. Quite simply, you must insert a step in your sourcing process to calibrate or pre-reference candidates to determine who’s got sterling reputations and who’s got rusted ones.

How to Recruit Like the CIA

Most intriguing was the CIA’s use of social network analysis in recruiting, which The Agency mashes together with geo-spatial and geo-census data to map hot spots of talent.

Recruit a Luminary with Google Adwords

How to Recruit a Luminary with Google Adwords Executives often "google" themselves. They do it to see what's been written about them.  So if you are attempting to recruit a newsworthy executive you suspect might be googling his or her own name, simply set up a Google...

Reference Checks: Consider the Source

For Reference Checks: Consider the Source Reference checks struck me as odd when I was first became a recruiter a little more than a decade ago and it still seems strange. The reference checking process consists of calling names given to you by the candidate.  That...

The Latest Executive Search Trend? Big Data

The Latest Executive Search Trend? Big Data The executive search industry has witnessed a dramatic shift in how board and senior-level executives are recruited.  Co-Founder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz Marc Andreessen...

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