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Welcome to the Intellerati Blog.  We are an executive search research and recruiting sourcing practice committed to fixing what is broken about recruiting.  Recruiting your next top executive or technologist shouldn’t have to be that hard.  And honestly, we know that it doesn’t have to be. All we need to do is make executive search smarter. Because smarter is better.

Smart Sourcing. Genius Recruiting.

Intellerati advocates for an information-rich, data-driven, mindful approach to executive recruiting. It is the right thing to do and it is time.  Founded by an award-winning investigative reporter and TV journalist, we have witnessed the power of information and it is beautiful to behold. It holds the potential to transform recruiting as we know it. We believe executive search models should be updated. We believe conflicts of interest should be banished. We believe recruiting research and sourcing needs a serious upgrade.

We are not a traditional executive search firm or recruiting research practice. (That wouldn’t be very fun or interesting.) So if you’re longing for the same-old-same-old, walk on by. But if you’re seeking new executive recruiting ideas, talent acquisition perspectives, and new ways of doing things — we’d enjoy beginning a conversation with you here. We invite your comments.  We really do care what you think.  While we are pretty serious research experts, we will forever remain students and are interested to learn from you as you learn from us.

So pull up a chair. Check out a blog post or two. Then let us know what you think.

How to Recruit Like the CIA

Most intriguing was the CIA’s use of social network analysis in recruiting, which The Agency mashes together with geo-spatial and geo-census data to map hot spots of talent.

LinkedIn Disappearing Rapportive Today

LinkedIn Disappearing Google Apps Gadget A Rapportive application will vanish from the inboxes of its some Rapportive users sometime today.  July 31 is the deadline.  LinkedIn acquired Rapportive back in 2o12. In June of this year, it...

LinkedIn Banishing Rapportive Tomorrow

LinkedIn Banishing Rapportive From Google Apps Rapportive is a genius Google Apps application that actually found a way to make social networking easier.  To date, that has not been an easy thing to do. But somehow Rapportive nailed it.  Installed as a browser...

The Hidden Cost of Corporate Executive Search

The Hidden Cost of Bringing Executive Search Inside Some corporations are questioning their decision to bring executive search inside. Over the past few years, more large Fortune 500 corporations with a steady flow of executive searches have...

Internet Sourcing Guru Glenn Gutmacher

Internet Sourcing Guru Glenn Gutmacher Today, I am honoring the work of the King of String Glenn Gutmacher in recruiting. I've attended a number of his Internet Sourcing presentations (and co-presented with him in Boston). I have always come away humbled by the...

Recruit a Luminary with Google Adwords

How to Recruit a Luminary with Google Adwords Executives often "google" themselves. They do it to see what's been written about them.  So if you are attempting to recruit a newsworthy executive you suspect might be googling his or her own name, simply set up a Google...

Reference Checks: Consider the Source

For Reference Checks: Consider the Source Reference checks struck me as odd when I was first became a recruiter a little more than a decade ago and it still seems strange. The reference checking process consists of calling names given to you by the candidate.  That...

Is The LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished?

LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished Just 17% of the nation's workforce are members of LinkedIn.  What does that mean for employers? If you limit your passive candidate sourcing and recruiting efforts to LinkedIn, you are ignoring 4 out of every 5 potential candidates. A...

The Latest Executive Search Trend? Big Data

The Latest Executive Search Trend? Big Data The executive search industry has witnessed a dramatic shift in how board and senior-level executives are recruited.  Co-Founder and General Partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz Marc Andreessen...

What are the Best Search Firms in the NYC Area?

What are the Top NYC Search Firms? Every year, we at Intellarati meet with more than 100 buyers of executive search as does our retained search practice The Good Search.Since we advocate for better executive search practices and make our...

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