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How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit Executives

Unlike many heads of executive recruiting firms, I am not a LinkedIn denier. LinkedIn is a tool — a useful one — that can be deployed to help recruit candidates to any company. Undoubtedly it has helped to fill a good many openings across a wide range of functions.

LinkedIn Street Cred: Low LinkedIn User Number

In social networking circles, a low LinkedIn member ID number gives you street cred. Because LinkedIn numbers its users sequentially. the lower the member ID, the longer you’ve called LinkedIn your business networking home.

LinkedIn Disappearing Rapportive Today

LinkedIn Disappearing Google Apps Gadget A Rapportive application will vanish from the inboxes of its some Rapportive users sometime today.  July 31 is the deadline.  LinkedIn acquired Rapportive back in 2o12. In June of this year, it...

LinkedIn Banishing Rapportive Tomorrow

LinkedIn Banishing Rapportive From Google Apps Rapportive is a genius Google Apps application that actually found a way to make social networking easier.  To date, that has not been an easy thing to do. But somehow Rapportive nailed it.  Installed as a browser...

Is The LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished?

LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished Just 17% of the nation's workforce are members of LinkedIn.  What does that mean for employers? If you limit your passive candidate sourcing and recruiting efforts to LinkedIn, you are ignoring 4 out of every 5 potential candidates. A...

Recruiters Wear Out Welcome in Social Media

Recruiters Wear Out Welcome in Social Media As the novelty of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter wears off, some users are growing tired of getting friended, connected, poked, pitched, and, yes, even recruited.  That could explain why we're hearing...

On-Again, Off-Again LinkedIn Sourcing

On-Again, Off-Again LinkedIn Sourcing LinkedIn sourcing is a mainstay for any search firm or recruiting team worth its salt. Executive recruiters and sourcers depend their ability to access the information, especially those who are premium LinkedIn users. However, a...

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