AI recruitment is famously hard. AI Org Charts make it easier.

Ever since the New York Times reported “Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent,” senior leaders have been fully warned. Recruiting top AI talent is incredibly challenging. Setting strategy is key. One powerful way to inform your strategy is to study the talent pools of the leading AI companies. AI Org Charts help you see what those top companies are doing. 

What are AI Org Charts, exactly?

They are visual depictions of AI talent hierarchies.

AI org charts are visual depictions of AI talent hierarchies, formatted as org charts. They feature talent in the artificial intelligence discipline at the world’s largest AI employers, from the heads of AI teams to research scientists and other individual contributors. AI Org Charts include talent in the AI continuum from artificial intelligence and machine learning to advanced analytics and data science. 

Computer org chart screen image used with the permission of image owner Organimi Inc. All rights reserved.

How Do We Build Org Charts?

To chart the AI talent, we confirm reporting relationships using primary and secondary sources. Next, we infer reporting relationships and teams based on available information. For some companies with incredibly flat organizations — with AI and ML talent seated across the company in myriad teams — we group AI talent by level, technical focus, or geographical location. The end product is a visual talent map.

More Than a Talent Map

In addition to the visual talent map, we provide AI Org Chart buyers with corporate biographies that we’ve pieced together from available information. We also develop email and phone contact information. That information empowers you to act. It helps you prioritize lists of AI leaders and scientists you want to contact immediately.

AI Org Charts Speed Time-to-Hire

AI Org Charts speed time-to-hire because you don’t waste time sifting through disorganized, dated, and incomplete records on LinkedIn. In fact, a lot of AI talent doesn’t even hang out on LinkedIn, because they don’t have to. We are mapping the AI and ML teams at high-interest tech companies — the leading technology giants employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science talent. 


Interested in AI Org Charts?

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