Subscription Org Charts make executive search easier.

Curate. Recruit. Hire. Sleep.

Imagine a list of curated candidates of virtually every executive candidate at a high-interest target company. Now, imagine a sortable, searchable list in an online org chart, complete with biographies, contact information, and relevant links. That’s what Subscription Org Charts do for you.

Our subscription includes online org charts for Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and more. The target company org charts are designed to save you countless hours of sourcing on LinkedIn. That is how they give you a competitive advantage in executive recruiting.

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What are Subscription Org Charts?

They are curated lists of executive candidates.

Target company org charts are visual depictions of ideal executive candidates. For example, our online org charts depict reporting relationships of who reports to whom. We research and build the org charts ahead of time.

We got the idea to offer subscription org charts when noticed something interesting. Our clients kept asking up to recruit from the same companies over and over again. It didn’t matter what industry they were in. They all wanted to pursue candidates working at these academy companies. That because these high-interest companies cultivate the best-of-the-best leadership talent. 

How Do We Build Target Company Org Charts?

To chart executive talent, we start at the top, capturing information about the current executive team. Next, we develop information about the direct reports of the senior leadership. Working our way down from the CEO, we identify and profile the direct reports of the direct reports until we get to the desired level.

How do we determine who reports to whom? We confirm reporting relationships using primary and secondary sources. Then, we infer reporting relationships and teams based on available information. In the end, we build the target company charts using robust, investigative research. Of course, many competitor org charts take our team months to build. We offer the online org charts by subscription to reduce the cost to individual subscribers. To learn more about how we build target company org charts, check out our blog post on Competitor Org Charts.

More Than an Competitor Org Chart

Most competitor org charts are two-dimensional. As a result, they simply give you names and titles in boxes. However, online org charts of target companies offer you so much more. For instance, when you click on executives in the chart, you can view corporate biographies, contact information, and relevant links. That information makes the leadership profiles actionable. In other words, you can skip sourcing for candidates at the target companies and immediately start recruiting.  Check out our Definitive Guide to Org Charts blog post to learn more.

Subscription Org Charts for Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more . . .

Our subscription org charts speed time-to-hire because you don’t waste time sifting through disorganized, dated, and incomplete profiles on LinkedIn. In fact, some top executives have outdated profiles — making them easy to miss — or they don’t hang out on LinkedIn at all. Our online org charts include those elusive leaders. They give you a comprehensive look at executive talent at high-interest academy companies.


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