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Candidate Sourcing Videos

Intellerati’s Video Gallery features our latest candidate sourcing videos. We offer you our thoughts on executive search research best practices. The videos are designed to give you insight on how we can make the executive search experience better for everyone. We can do that by making executive search smarter through better research.

Yes, we were founded by an award-winning investigative television journalist. So we often think and speak in video. We operate with a deadline sensibility as in now.

Yes, we are a recruiting research firm based in the Greater New York City area. So that means we’re a little intense. We have passion and we have heart.

We hope the candidate sourcing videos give you a better sense of who we are and what we believe.  We have designed Intellerati to be a next-generation recruiting research firm. We don’t do research the same way it has always been done. We research differently. We are idealists. We really do want to fix what is broken about executive recruiting.  We also have tailored our recruiting research practice to serve as a seamless extension of your team.  We align with what is important to you because we really do care about your success.  We partner with in-house corporate recruiting teams, We collaborate and often, together, we innovate. Our executive search research and sourcing practice is expressly designed to support the executive search function of large corporations as well as the needs of startups.

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Got Search?

If you have an important senior level executive or technology position to fill, let’s talk.  Intellerati is ideally suited for companies seeking a more flexible, collaborative recruiting partner.  Intellerati serves as a natural extension of your own team.  We give clients the opportunity to save. Even better, we outperform traditional search firms.  Expert research simply makes the process smarter.