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Your in-house executive search team has it covered. They’ve been checking all the boxes.

Only thing is . . .

  • One executive search is taking too long
  • A hiring executive is getting impatient
  • You only have one or two finalists in your slate
  • A candidate just declined your offer
  • Your slate is not diverse
  • A recruiter just went out on maternity leave

Intellerati Assist offers executive recruiting research aimed at giving in-house executive search teams a quick boost.

Executive Recruiting Support

Clients turn to Intellerati for executive recruiting support. We provide additional lift when internal executive recruiting team bandwidth is maxed out. We rescue searches that have hit the wall.  We surface top candidates others miss. We boost senior executive diversity. We assist with confidential executive searches or highly sensitive executive searches that corporate recruiting teams cannot conduct. Clients turn to us to augment their slate of candidates when one or more finalist candidates have withdrawn, fallen out, or seem likely to turn down a potential offer. In all these ways and more, Intellerati has your back. Intellerati Assist supports the success of diversity recruiting and diversity talent acquisition efforts at the senior executive level. Clients use Diversity Assist for the following diversity objectives:

  • To identify and profile additional prospects
  • To develop interested, qualified candidates
  • To fill a challenging executive or technology search
  • To fortify a slate of finalist candidates

We reach beyond traditional recruiting resources. We look beyond resume databases and social networks. That’s how we uncover top prospective candidates. And we don’t stop there.

We build candidate profiles and write biographies that we piece together from myriad sources across the Internet. We develop and verify target candidate contact information. You can use Intellerati Assist to give executive search a boost any time you’re running short of viable candidates. You can also use it to create an initial list of passive candidates to recruit.  We move quickly to deliver the executive and technology leadership you need to win. Intellerati Assist engagement enhances internal executive recruiting efforts as it makes them more successful.


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