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Executive Search Research RPO

Our executive recruitment RPO comes plug-and-play. We give you instant executive recruiting capability on demand.. Intellerati Ultra gives you virtual executive recruiters who serve as a seamless extension of your own team. Better yet, we provide recruiting research expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We make executive recruiting smarter and more effective. We raise the bar while you keep your executive recruiter headcount low.

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Most corporations want to reduce their dependency on retained executive search firms. However, most companies cannot justify the cost of building an internal executive search team. David Lord of the Executive Search Information Exchange advises that one needs 15-20 executive searches a year to justify the cost of creating a corporate executive search function.  Intellerati Ultra’s executive recruitment RPO helps bridge that gap. Our executive recruitment RPO services provide virtual executive recruiters to companies not yet ready for an in-house executive search team.  We also provide added support and bandwidth to established internal executive search teams.


Executive Recruitment RPO

Executive Recruitment RPO: Your Moment of Zen

Intellerati Ultra is designed to be executive search easy. We serve as virtual executive recruiters. We are a seamless extension of your team. Our executive recruitment RPO is always on. So we are there when you need us. You don’t have to retain us every time you have an executive opening. We’ve eliminated traditional search firms’ one-search-at-a-time approach. We are ready. We are flex as priorities change.

How Executive Recruitment RPO Works

We deliver interested, qualified candidates to our clients. That’s what we do. We free up corporate recruiting teams. We help them focus on what is matters most. Finally they have the time to usher candidates through to hire. They have the time to ensure hiring executives stay happy. Executive recruitment RPO support empowers in-house recruiters. They rise. They strategize. They transform recruiting from reactive to proactive mode. They succeed. Smarter search has its advantages.

Intellerati Ultra has its advantages:

  • A dedicated team
  • Flexibility as needs change
  • Ability to switch to new executive searches
  • Continuity across all search assignments
  • All the candidates + all the research

Recruitment process outsourcing has gained strategic importance. That’s the finding by author Sarah Fister Gale in Workforce Magazine’s  Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Find on the Mind.  Another report by Kelly Services,2014 Global Trends in RPO and Talent Recruitment, details why RPO influence is in the rise. “Ironically, as companies increase full-time hiring, one of the positions they struggle most to fill is recruiter. Shortages of skilled recruiting staff is cited as the top impediment to hiring.”

Intellerati Ultra is designed to solve that problem. Our executive recruitment RPO eliminated that impediment to hiring as it mitigates risk. Our data-drive, fact-based approach to executive recruitment makes search smarter. In the end, we give you more for your investment: a slate of candidates plus all the research — something traditional firms never do. The research serves as an audit trail for unprecedented transparency and due diligence.

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