Org Charts

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Org Charts

Intellerati offers org charts produced by our executive mapping and talent mapping services in support of corporate executive recruiting and other business needs. We identify and profile executive and technology leadership talent at target companies. In doing so, Intellerati reaches beyond traditional recruiting resources and beyond candidate and social networks to uncover top prospective candidates. As we conduct our research, we build organizational charts that make it easy to visualize the talent available at target companies. We develop reporting relationship intelligence and piece together org charts that help understand where executive talent is seating at a company and how senior that talent is.


Organizational Mapping

Organizational mapping — also known as executive mapping and talent mapping — produces a rare form of company intelligence in the form of org charts. Company org charts give companies insight on how their competitors are organized and precisely where the talent lies. Org charts provide business intelligence that speaks to how companies are structured, how they are managed, and how well they are run. Org charts give enable you to map the competition, literally. They are a best practice for making sure you recruit the best-of-the-best. It is the recruiting research method that uncovers top talent others miss.

Executive Mapping Research Process

Executive Mapping engagements are usually structured in two stages or phases.  The first phase focuses on candidate identification and profiling.  We capture executive names, titles, reporting relationships, contact information, and build out biographies. We reach out to every executive to verify contact information and reporting relationships. We report out our progress weekly. Once we have completed the candidate identification and profiling, we build the org charts that visually depict the reporting relationships.