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Candidate Research

There are great lessons to be learned from the study of the ecosystem wrapped around great talent. Our Talent Ecosystem Study develops intelligence and strategic insights by studying talent focused on a particular ecosystem. An ecosystem” is defined as a network of organizations that sustains talent and enables the provision of goods or services.

Our studies identify and profile the best-of-the-best executive and technology talent in a particular ecosystem.  In one case, the study may focus on a talent ecosystem of talent for a new cutting-edge technology. In another case, it may be focused on talent ecosystem in a particular location, industry sector, or function. Next, we examine the business environment in which the talent operates — the market and economic forces, the technologies, the corporate and academic entities, the thought-leaders, the rebels, and the outliers. We follow the money and technologies and report on whether that information leads. In doing so, we capture business intelligence that can shave months off of product development cycle, saving millions of dollars. We identify emergent technologies and companies. We uncover M&A targets for mergers and acquisitions by private equity firms and large corporations.  Our studies yield acquisitions worth tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

The study of great talent in a talent ecosystem study yields valuable insights for unparalleled ROI.