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Before You Search


State-of-the-Market Talent Intelligence Report

For newly created openings and searches that you suspect will be challenging, we recommend looking before you leap with a State-of-the-Market Talent Intelligence Report. The report is designed to inform your executive search strategy — so that you don’t waste precious time and money heading off in the wrong direction.

We couple candidate identification and profiling with a State-of-the-Market Talent Intelligence Report to make search smarter. The reports are tailored to the preferences of our clients.

Talent Intelligence Report research areas:

  • Deep, shallow, and hidden talent pools
  • Structures of top target companies
  • What companies are vying for the same talent
  • Recruiting strategies of your competitors
  • Compensation and benefits intelligence
  • Diversity insights
  • Relevant news


Additional focus areas:

  • Tracing academic talent lineages from top professors to the most accomplished graduates.
  • Analyzing US Patents to determine what companies and inventors have been advancing the most relevant technology innovations
  • Analysis of research publications to understand which authors are producing important scientific breakthroughs
  • Developing and appending “Moneyball” metrics that are indicators of top performers


Custom Research

If you have a talent acquisition initiative that doesn’t fit neatly into any one box, or an investment strategy that bumps up against talent, but focuses on something far bigger, chances are we can help.

Our custom research engagements tailor our research to the needs of our clients. Because our research expertise is unlike anything you’d find at a traditional recruiting research firm, we are ideally suited to addressing your needs for any one or combination of the following research services:


No matter what the research need, a fact-based, data-driven approach to executive recruiting yields exceptional results. Quite simply, it is how we outperform traditional executive search and recruiting research firms. It makes the process smarter. Smarter is better. 

One of our most powerful offerings is also one of our most confidential, a potent blend of human capital intelligence and competitive intelligence with a dose of mad scientist mixed in. We inform corporate M&A, private equity, and hedge funds investment. 

The study of great talent isn’t just for recruiting.


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