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Founded by an award-winning television journalist and investigative reporter, Intellerati regularly shares its insights and knowledge in industry executive search research articles and in blog posts.  We do it to serve as a trusted resource and to advocate for a better way of recruiting through better information.

We are idealists. When something doesn’t work the way that it should it drives us a little crazy and motivates us to innovate better ways of doing things. We share the results of our experimentation in our articles.

We write executive search research articles to begin a conversation.  We genuinely care about your recruiting research ideas, questions, and concerns.  While we are experts in executive search research, we will forever remain students.  There is so much more to learn.  There is so much more left to innovate.

We welcome your commentary wherever we publish our articles, on our blog, in social media, and think it is a pretty good way to get to know each other. We make it a practice to cultivate select friends of the firm.

So pull up a chair. Check out an article or two. Then let us know what you think. We look forward to a long and beautiful relationship. Article | Candidate Spotting Article | Candidate Spotting

Candidate Spotting by Krista Bradford Oct 19, 2007 There is no shortage of job applicants these days. Rather, what we have a shortage of is qualified applicants. And whenever there’s a severe shortage, posting a job often makes it worse, not better. After all, when... Article |  Career Spotting Article | Career Spotting

Career Spotting by Krista Bradford Nov 2, 2007 As experts in careers, those of us involved in human capital are well aware that most people usually change careers several times over their lifetimes. That’s a given. This applies to candidates as well as the people who... Article | The Trouble with LinkedIn: Grey Goo Article | The Trouble with LinkedIn: Grey Goo

The Trouble with LinkedIn: Grey Goo by  Krista Bradford   Dec 7, 2011, 5:40 am ET As much as we in recruiting enjoy the many benefits of LinkedIn, there is trouble in paradise. I’ve been a member of LinkedIn since the early days, to which my user ID (59572) will...