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Recruiting Research Video

Intellerati Video on Executive Search Research

Intellerati’s Video Gallery features our latest candidate sourcing video. We offer you our thoughts on executive search research best practices.

In her latest Candidate Sourcing Video, our Founder and Chief Executive Officer Krista Bradford details Intellerati’s points of Difference: Smart Sourcing, Flat Fees, and Candidates others miss.

Our Recruiting Research Video Tells You Who We Are

We hope our candidate sourcing and recruiting research video gallery gives you a better sense of who we are and what we believe. She advocates for making the executive search experience better for everyone by making executive search smarter. That is how to deliver dream candidates you never knew existed. Intellerati doesn’t do research the same way it has always been done. We research differently. Because smarter is better. 

Ideas for Candidate Sourcing Videos?

Now that we’ve shared our vision, share yours by commenting below. Let us know what executive recruiting research topic you’d like us to tackle in our next video. Then, subscribe to the Intellerati Channel on YouTube for our latest videos. Our next video on executive search could bring your idea to life.

Learn More About Intellerati

To learn more about Intellerati, we invite you to learn Who We Are as executive search researchers. We have a story to tell. If you want to learn more about our executive search research and passive candidate sourcing expertise, check out our candidate sourcing Case Studies and the Clients we serve. You can also visit our Executive Search Research Blog for our best blog posts. You can find other posts on our other pages: Candidate Sourcing Collection and Org Charting Collection. We believe in smart sourcing, so we pay it forward and share the knowledge. That’s how we roll. We value our clients as members of the Intellerati — practitioners of intelligence search.

If you have an important senior-level executive or technology position to fill, let’s talk. Intellerati is ideally suited for companies seeking a more flexible, collaborative recruiting partner. Intellerati serves as a natural extension of your own team. We give clients the opportunity to save. Even better, we outperform traditional search firms. Expert research simply makes the process smarter.

Got questions? Let’s talk.

If you’d like to explore possible ways to work together, let’s talk. We understand that no recruitment research firm is the right firm for every engagement every time. But, regardless, we make it a practice to listen and to try to help.

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