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Executive Recruiting Research


Intellerati executive search research looks a lot like headhunting. Only traditional headhunters and passive candidate sourcers cannot do all that we do. Founded by an award-winning investigative journalist, Intellerati’s research expertise is unparalleled.  We consistently uncover top executive and technology talent that others miss.

Intellerati offers candidate sourcing, candidate identification, and candidate development. We are a recruitment research firm designed to support the in-house executive search function at leading Fortune 500 companies. Our candidate sourcing research tackles important senior executive searches and senior technology searches.

Our executive search research typically focuses on the front end of the executive recruiting process. We identify and profile passive candidates you never dreamed existed. If needed, we can contact and develop those candidates as well. Our candidate development delivers interested, qualified candidates to your internal executive search team.



Smart Sourcing. Genius Partner.

If you need a list of top passive candidates with biographies and contact information, we’ve got you covered.  If you also could use a hand recruiting them, we also develop passive candidates and deliver interested, qualified candidates to your doorstep.  In doing so, we explore current responsibilities, career preferences, and motivations. We also request an updated resume.

In other words, we recruit senior executives and technologists that you never dreamed existed. We outperform traditional executive search firms and deliver executive search research that takes candidate sourcing to a whole new level.

Finally, executive search research that delivers candidates we never dreamed existed. 


Passive Candidate Research


Passive Candidate Research is a powerful form of recruitment research. Our candidate research is designed to identify and, if needed, develop candidates for important executive and senior technology positions that are challenging to fill.

Long List of Passive Candidates

Sometimes, all a company needs is an actionable list of passive candidates. That’s where we come in. We conduct the candidate research, write biographies, as well as develop and verify contact information.

Short List of Interested, Qualified Candidates

In addition, we can also develop an actionable list of screened, qualified candidates. We reach out to candidates by phone, email, and across social media. We engage their interest. Then, we gather essential deal-making details — career preferences, motivations, and ideal next roles. We request updated resumes and deliver the information rolled up into a Prospect Brief report.

Reaching Beyond LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not the recruiting panacea that many of our clients had hoped it would be. Many LinkedIn profiles are outdated or abandoned altogether. Some member profiles are even fake. In addition, many candidate profiles lack the level of detail needed to determine whether the member is a possible candidate. Most lack contact information. And LinkedIn no longer allows you to export contact information that first-degree connections have shared with you. 

LinkedIn Makes It Hard to Filter for Quality Candidates

LinkedIn makes it hard to filter the social network for quality candidates. Far too many unqualified candidates get in the way of the ones you want. As a result, sourcing teams regularly miss A-players — the kind you want to recruit to senior leadership roles.

Our passive candidate research stretches beyond LinkedIn to tap little-known sources of data to identify candidates you never dreamed existed. So while we use LinkedIn too — who can resist a database of 500 million names? — we consistently uncover best-of-the-best talent that sourcing teams regularly miss.

Intellerati is a national executive search research practice with global reach. We offer recruitment research services for a variety of functions and industries, including technology, life sciences, and financial services.  In addition to our unbundled executive search services, Intellerati offers specialized diversity recruiting research, company organizational charts, and custom research reports.


Intelligent Sourcing


Smart Sourcing is Easier

Intellerati’s services make executive search smarter and easier. Our executive search research is designed to support in-house executive search teams at leading Fortune 500 companies. Our recruitment research is also designed to support companies that are scaling — those that have to find the talent they need in order to grow. We serve venture capital-backed startups and later-stage private equity-backed corporations, as well as small and medium-sized companies in between.

Smart Sourcing is Flexible

We offer robust and flexible support, on-demand. We deliver executive search research, critical-hire recruitment research, and candidate sourcing for exceptional results. We specialize in technology research, but we regularly support other searches in a broad range of industries. In other words, we conduct executive-level candidate sourcing for technology companies and for companies that leverage those technologies.

Smart Sourcing Boosts Success

We harness actionable intelligence to reduce risk while we increase corporate recruiting success. Typically, we collaborate with corporate recruiters and focus on the front end of the recruiting process, delivering interested, qualified candidates. We are a firm that is incredibly adept at engaging senior-level executives and technology luminaries, with connections in all the right places. We also offer a wide array of other services that include diversity talent pools, succession benches, and research focused on a talent ecosystem for competitive advantage.

Intellerati Advantages

Deadline Sensibility

We consistently deliver better candidates in less time. Within a week, we deliver a target list of prospective candidates. Within a month’s time, on average, we deliver the candidate you ultimately hire. So, instead of losing thousands of dollars in revenue and productivity with unfilled jobs, your company has the critical hire you need to get the job done.

Opportunity to Save

Because most search firms charge a percentage of salary, they stand to benefit by inflating the compensation of the candidates they present. Our flat fee eliminates that conflict of interest and flexes to give you the amount of support you need: no more, no less. Because we are paid for the work that we do, you don’t have to worry about who “owns” what candidate the way you have to with other firms, which is really a pretty bizarre concept when you stop to think about it.

More for Your Money

We deliver interested, qualified candidates and hand over all the candidate research, which is something traditional search firms never do. You can use the research to build out your internal database and to make additional hires at no additional cost.

Transparency and Due Diligence

With Intellerati, we issue comprehensive tracking reports and, because we hand over all the candidate research, you never have to guess what we’re doing on your behalf. That research serves as an audit trail, detailing the outcome of our every interaction with every candidate. Why settle for less?

Dream Candidates

We are experts at finding and recruiting amazing candidates other firms miss — like the time we tracked down a top financial services executive who took a hiatus “off the grid” tending to his gourmet chèvre cheese farm in rural Maryland. While other firms frequently deliver the same old suspects, we recruit talent you never dreamed existed. Better yet, we excel at bringing the “best of the best” to the table for game-changing hires.

To learn more about the advantages of Intellerati, check out our Executive Recruiting Research Case Studies.

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