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Intellerati Recruiting Research Blog

Intellerati’s Executive Search Research Blog shares insights on candidate sourcing, candidate identification, candidate development, talent mapping, and diversity recruiting research best practices. By making executive search smarter, we make it more effective.

To recruit the best and brightest, candidate sourcing must lay down due diligence so can top candidates are not missed. They must reach beyond traditional recruiting resources, including LinkedIn, for competitive advantage. A treasure trove of prospective candidate information exists outside of resumes and social networks.

Our blog shares insights on news and executive search best practices. In addition to our FAQs Page, our blog answers frequently asked questions about recruiting research:

How much does recruiting research cost?
What are the top recruitment research firms?
Why should I choose a search firm alternative?

Of course, we don’t pretend to have all the answers. We welcome your comments on all of our posts. We invite your executive recruiting observations and your candidate sourcing tips and commentary. That is how we all learn together.

Intellerati Blog Posts

LinkedIn Member Number How to find It and What It Means Updated!
UPDATED! What Your Linkedin Member Number Means (and How to Find It)

What Your LinkedIn Member Number Means (and How to Find It) A Journey Down the LinkedIn Member ID Rabbit Hole In certain social networking circles, a low LinkedIn member number gave the user nerdy street cred. You were legit. You were an early adopter on the leading edge. However, as I type this, I …

In-House Executive Search
How to Conduct In-House Executive Search: Differently

How to Conduct In-House Executive Search: Differently If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that work will never be the same again. That also means in-house executive search will never be the same. To thrive, increasingly Chief People Officers and corporate heads of executive recruiting are …

Close executive searches faster
Closing Executive Searches Faster

Closing Executive Searches Faster Closing executive searches faster is a priority for corporate executive search teams and search partners at leading private equity and venture capital firms. Economic uncertainty has made C-level candidates more cautious about accepting jobs. Consequently, it is tak…

Using LinkedIn to Recruit Executives
Skip Using LinkedIn to Recruit Senior Executives

Skip Using LinkedIn to Recruit C-Level Executives Is LinkedIn Recruiter a Senior Executive Recruiter? LinkedIn is a tool — a useful one — that can be deployed to help recruit candidates for any company. For example, searching member profiles to find passive candidates for specific vice p…

What Does An Executive Search Cost? | Search Firm Prices
What Does Executive Search Cost?

Executive Search Cost Executive search prices vary wildly. It is challenging for search buyers to figure out exactly how much an executive search will cost.  Further complicating matters: most search firms do not list their pricing on their websites. However, you can estimate the executive sear…

Why Headhunters Fail Blindfolded
Why Headhunters Fail and What to Do About It

 Why Headhunters Fail Most traditional retained search headhunters are not candidate sourcing or recruiting research experts. Headhunters would rather focus on “more important” things like reeling in the next client. There’s a reason. Headhunter compensation is closely tied to…

Digital Member Profiles Are a Mirage
LinkedIn Member Profiles are a Beautiful Digital Mirage

800 Million LinkedIn Member Profiles LinkedIn Member Profiles are a beautiful digital mirage for executive recruiters and candidate sourcers. We see so many candidates, like heatwaves, glistening in the distance. Yet as we get closer the potential hire disappears. We, humans, are neither virtual nor…

Recruit Executives in a Pandemic
How to Recruit Executives in a Pandemic

How to Recruit Executives in a Pandemic It’s a question you never thought you’d still be asking, “How do I recruit executives in a pandemic?” But more than a couple of years since COVID-19 arrived and despite vaccinations, there is no sign the virus is going away anytime…

Eye Opening Executive Search Video Intellerati
Eye-Opening Executive Search Research Video

Executive Search Research Video Sourcers and Recruiters Blinded by LinkedIn? Our latest executive search research video tackles one of the biggest issues in executive recruiting. LinkedIn is how most passive candidates are identified. Yet, due to LinkedIn’s failure to verify candidate informat…

Nate Silver
Recruiting Research Inspirations for Nerds

Recruiting Research Inspirations for Nerds Our Talent Acquisition Inspirations stand at the intersection of recruiting with executive candidate data. While executives are made of flesh and blood, the data that tell their stories are made of binary zeros and ones. Every time we transact business onli…

What to Do When Linkedin Recruiter Falls Short

When LinkedIn Recruiter Falls Short LinkedIn Recruiter is “a social media platform for finding, connecting with, and managing candidates.” It claims to surface quality candidates and member signals, enabling talent acquisition professionals to prioritize candidates who are open to job op…

Crush Candidate Sourcing
How to Crush Candidate Sourcing

How to Crush Candidate Sourcing Intellerati regularly steps in to help companies with candidate sourcing and executive search research. Clients often come to us when their internal candidate sourcing teams have not yet surfaced the winning candidate. Usually, those candidate sourcing teams have been…

LinkedIn Talent Pool
Is The LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished?

LinkedIn Talent Pool Overfished A growing number of employers are investing in LinkedIn recruiting licenses and, for less important roles, it can be an effective tool. However, for senior executive, mission-critical, and hard-to-fill technology roles, employers are often discovering that LinkedIn Re…

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Recruiting Research Firm

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Recruiting Research Firm Recruiting research firms, such as Intellerati, are positioned as an alternative to traditional executive search firms. Executive search research firms uncover and map prospective candidates — a process known as candidate identification (“…

The Pandemic Has Changed Recruiting

The pandemic has changed executive search and the leaders we recruit. Harvard Business Review has written about Reengineering the Recruitment Process, an article based on research conducted by Gartner, “Advancing Recruiting’s Value Through Uncertain Times“. Gartner surveyed nearly 3,000 candidates and more than 3,500 hiring managers to better understand how recruiting leaders can effectively shape the workforce to meet changing business needs.

Candidates are increasingly selective about “Employer Value Proposition (EVP) — the compelling reasons to join a new company. While compensation, benefits, career development, and working for a name company are persuasive, gifted executive candidates have additional priorities. Meaningful work close to family matters more than it did in the before times.

“The freedom (often the imperative) to work remotely and to manage one’s own schedule has increased employees’ expectations that they can exert considerable control over the design of their jobs

In uncertain times, executive search teams are changing how they do their work as well. Our blog is designed to track and report on that change as it happens.

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