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Candidates and entrepreneurs interested in getting on our elite candidate radar screen, please introduce yourself by sharing your information with us below.

At Intellerati, we believe that those who’ve worked hard to become the best of the best candidates deserve the best opportunities.   For one luminary, that may mean a company that enables the perfect work-life balance. For another, it may mean an equity stake in a company and a real shot at wealth creation. For yet another, it may come in the form of joining a senior executive dream team to do what has never been done before.

Intellerati makes it a practice to keep candidates informed of intriguing opportunities over the course of their careers.  Whenever we have an engagement that is aligned with a candidate’s background and skills, we reach out to become better acquainted at that time.

Meritea is also for Candidates

If you are counted among the best at what you do, we also encourage you to nominate yourself for inclusion in Meritea –  a virtual meritocracy for top executive and technology talent.  Candidates who have worked hard to become the best of the best deserve the best opportunities, when the timing and opportunity are right.

We are in the business of confidentiality. We make it a practice to protect the strategic business plans of our clients and the career plans of the candidates that we recruit.  We would never share confidential information without your consent.  We promise.


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