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Who We Are

Intellerati is neither a retained executive search firm nor a contingency firm. We are a executive search research firm that’s taken executive recruiting to a whole new level by making the process smarter. Intellerati partners with venture capitalists, private equity investors, board members, hiring executives, and the heads of corporate executive recruiting teams. Our executive search researchers recruit senior-level executives and senior technologists, direct and on-demand.

We Are Data Experts

Our executive search research is data-driven. To recruit the best and brightest, you need more than a list of names. You need to know who is good. So we reach beyond traditional recruiting resources for competitive advantage. A treasure trove of prospective candidate information exists outside of resumes and social networks. That data sheds insight on who a candidate is, what a candidate does, and how well she does it. We capture that intelligence. Ultimately, we deliver candidates you never dreamed existed.

Smart Sourcing

Founded by an award-winning investigative reporter and television journalist, Intellerati harnesses power of information to make executive search smarter. Our data-driven approach uncovers top talent, recruits faster, and consistently delivers candidates you never knew existed.

Genius Partner

You need a much higher level of expertise to harness the treasure trove of candidate information available outside traditional recruiting databases and LinkedIn.  Think Nate Silver. Think Moneyball. Our executive search researchers have data-driven investigative expertise that you simply cannot find at any other firm.

Opportunity to Save

Traditional executive search firms charge a percentage of the winning candidate’s compensation. With retained and contingency firms, you pay the full fee every single time. By basing our recruitment research pricing on the amount of work we do — not on a percentage of salary — we give clients the opportunity to save.


Intellerati iChanging Search for the Greater Good

A decade ago, Intellerati founder Krista Bradford left her career as an award-winning investigative television journalist with a specialty in computer-assisted research to become an executive recruiter. She went to work at an elite retained executive search firm in Manhattan and saw an opportunity to change the game.

She observed traditional executive search firms under-resource research when recruiting research is the very thing that delivers star talent. Remarkably, while virtually every other industry has invested in robust business intelligence expertise as a “best practice”, the recruiting industry has failed to match force with that trend. It goes a long way toward explaining why 40% of retained executive search engagements fail to complete: they fail because the executive search industry insists on searching with its eyes closed.

Therein lies the opportunity.

Research is the execution engine of executive search that identifies, develops, and ultimately delivers star talent.  Build a better engine and you create the ultimate recruiting machine.

As the first investigative recruiting practice in the nation, Intellerati offers a level of executive search expertise you simply cannot find anywhere else.   Our investigative approach to passive candidate sourcing reaches far beyond the standard recruiting resources to tap highly-placed sources and little-known databases.  We harness the power of computer-assisted research and proprietary technologies to gather information and then we analyze that data to convert it into actionable intelligence.  We stop to connect the dots. In other words, if research is, indeed, the execution engine of search, then Intellerati has a Ferrari under the hood.

Intellerati is the research division of The Good Search. Intellerati’s executive search services are ideally suited to clients seeking the quality of retained search, but a month at a time model that gives them the opportunity to save.  For employers seeking full-service retained executive search through to hire, The Good Search offers next-generation retained search services that consistently outperform traditional retained search firms. To learn more check out our Intellerati Recruiting Research Blog.


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