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Research Associate

Research Associate

Research Associate Position Description

The Good Search LLC (Intellerati) is seeking a telecommuting Data Research Associate to join our boutique executive recruiting practice. If you are smart, educated, collaborative, and technically adept, you may have what it takes to join our elite team. We prefer candidates with a background in data intensive-fields, such as data journalism and computational reporting — people who know how to think strategically about data and have a knack for finding things out. Our firm was founded by a former award-winning investigative journalist with a specialty in computer-assisted research. We believe in searching smarter. Our robust research expertise is our secret sauce.

The Company

Intellerati recruits senior executive and technology talent for some of the most powerful and successful companies in the digital arena. Our clients range from top-tier venture capital startups and private equity portfolio companies to Fortune 100 giants in technology and media. Founded in 1999, we have laid down more than two decade-long track record of success recruiting top talent with more than 600 engagements.

We actually care about the candidate, the client, and about each of our team members and want to make a difference in this world. As a result, an essential part of our success is our ability to hire individuals who share our passion for fixing what is broken about recruiting, and who want to build a business dedicated to the relentless pursuit of that ideal. That is our motivation and our mission.

The Position

As a Research Associate, you will conduct data-driven company and executive research. You will identify prospective candidates, build out profiles in our database, develop phone and email details, and verify that information. In doing so, you will analyze the data for competitive insights and business intelligence. Our research associates also build org charts of target companies. It’s a little like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle. They figure out how companies are structured, what people are working in what teams, and what product groups are within each team. In doing so, they’re up to their elbows in our database. So it helps if you are adept at analyzing corporate data, spotting patterns in the information, and enjoy wrangling data to ensure data quality. In addition, our researchers also thrive on the challenge of finding the perfect candidate. (In fact, not finding the ideal candidate occasionally keeps us up at night.) In other words, we do a lot of online research and when we recruit, we do a lot of calling. (So it helps if you like to pick up the phone and actually talk to people.) In doing so, we build trusted relationships as we glean insights and gather intelligence.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Conducting company and candidate research
  • Analyzing information to develop insights and business intelligence
  • Recruiting  and qualifying prospective candidates
  • Alerting us immediately of any issue or problem with recommended solutions
  • Checking research to ensure it is error-free and ready for reporting out to the client
  • Running reports for weekly meetings with clients and other reports as needed
  • Managing research projects to ensure research is delivered on time.


  • A college degree, honors preferred.
  • A background in a data-intensive field such as data journalism, computational reporting, and digital consulting.
  • Data expertise. Experienced working with data and all the complexity that entails.
  • Experience in Salesforce, Python, OpenRefine, and other data tools preferred.
  • Attention to detail. You enjoy ensuring data quality making sure the research is error-free.
  • Strong sense of curiosity. Love of puzzle-solving.
  • Intrinsically motivated to be successful. 
  • Enjoys teamwork and collaboration.
  • Natural leadership ability. Takes responsibility for a successful outcome.

To Apply

Visit For Candidates to share your preferences and tell us a little about yourself.