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Here’s to the smart ones. The corporate talent seekers. The Intellerati. The levelers of playing fields. The ones who recruit differently. Make legendary hires with the top executive search research firm in the industry.

Recruit Differently with Intellerati

America’s Top Executive Search Research Firm

As a leading executive search research firm in the industry, we give our clients the red-carpet treatment because, like us, they want to recruit differently. We welcome you with dream candidates you never knew existed. We lavish you with game-changing hires and give you less search with more find. Better yet, we give you the opportunity to save.

As a result, we elevate the executive search experience making it more strategic and pleasurable.

Intellerati collaborates with brilliant clients to make executive search smarter, simpler, and more successful than it has ever been. Equally important, Intellerati’s investigative approach to candidate sourcing makes intelligent executive recruiting possible — a celebration of limitless possibilities.

Learn why Intellerati is considered one of the top executive search research companies in the industry. Let’s get acquainted. Simply schedule a brainstorming session to explore possible ways to work together.

Here’s to the smart ones. The corporate talent seekers. The Intellerati. The levelers of playing fields. The ones who recruit differently. They are not fond of excuses. They have no respect for the status quo. You can admire them, disagree with them, promote them, or undermine them. But the only thing you can’t do is hold them back. Because they change work. They push humanity forward. And while some see them as too smart for their own good, we see them as genuis. Because the people who are smart enough to change the world are the ones who do. 

— Intellerati CEO Krista Bradford
(Inspiration, always, from Steve Jobs)

Photo by Tom Coates, CC-BY-2.0

Representative Clients

Executive Search Research Firm

Intellerati is an executive search alternative. Consequently, Intellerati recruiting research resembles the work of retained executive search firms. Like elite retained search partners, Intellerati executive search research identifies, profiles, qualifies, and recruits top-performing talent. Furthermore, we have access to the best-of-the-best executives and technologists. In fact, our expert recruitment research uncovers top talent others miss. That’s why we’re considered one of the top recruiting research companies in the industry.

Finally, an executive search research firm that gives you sourcing support the way that you want it.

Our investigative approach to executive recruitment makes recruiting smarter. Smart executive search makes in-house executive recruiting teams more successful. Understandably, it outperforms traditional candidate sourcing every time. Traditional recruiting research companies simply cannot do what we do.

Companies come to us to power up candidate identification and candidate qualification efforts. Moreover, they turn to us when they have a senior executive opening that is hard to fill. As a result, we manage confidential searches, boost diversity, conduct talent mapping, and build org charts of top target companies. In every way, we make search smarter and more effective.

Intellerati serves as a seamless extension of in-house executive recruiting and talent acquisition teams. In doing so, we consistently deliver dream candidates others miss. That’s the reason why we’re considered one of America’s Top Executive Search Research Firms.

“I have hired Intellerati for the tricky work, the kind of ‘black bag’ work I can’t do in-house and the kind of work that her competitors simply don’t have the expertise to do. Time and again Intellerati has amazed me with their ability to identify hidden gems of talent, ferret out pertinent competitive intelligence and provide me with a complete map of the marketplace.”

— Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase

Executive Search Research Firm Services

One of America’s Top Recruiting Research Companies

Discover our tailor-made executive search research services and see which one fits you the best.

“The reach and depth for our Chief Data and Technology Officer search were extraordinary and the quality of the candidates was excellent but what really impressed me the most was how accessible they were and how thoroughly they understood our needs.”

Jean DuBose, Chief of Staff, Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD)

Got Questions? Let’s Talk.

If you have questions or would like to explore possible ways to work together, let’s talk. We understand that no recruitment research firm is the right firm for every engagement every time. Regardless, we make it a practice to listen and to try to help. That’s one of the reasons we’re one of the leading recruitment research companies in the industry. We enjoy cultivating friends of the firm.

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