Got Search?

Intellerati is an executive search research firm that provides board and senior-level executives for some of the most powerful and successful companies in the world. Intellerati partners with venture capitalists, private equity partners, board members, hiring executives, and heads of corporate executive recruiting. In doing so, we conduct executive-level candidate sourcing and provide targeted recruitment research, serving as a seamless extension of internal executive search teams. In fact, we’ve been helping companies recruit senior executives and technologists for two decades.

Smart Sourcing

With the amount of data in the world doubling every two years, traditional candidate sourcing methods no longer cut it. In fact, it takes greater recruiting research expertise to separate the signal from the noise — the contenders from the wanna-be’s — to make executive search smarter.

Genius Partner

Founded by an award-winning TV journalist and investigative reporter, Intellerati offers expert executive search research: name generation (name gen), candidate development, executive talent mapping, candidate sourcing, target company org charts, and custom recruitment research.  It is our secret sauce.

Opportunity to Save

Our flat-fee retainer is based on the amount of work that we do — not on a percentage of candidate compensation. We give you the opportunity to save. You pay only for the candidate sourcing support that you need: no more, no less. To learn more, check our Specialties page and the Locations we cover.

Smart Sourcing. Genius Partner.

Executive Search Research

Intellerati is an executive search firm alternative. Our recruiting research resembles the work of retained executive search firms. Like elite retained search partners, we identify, profile, qualify, and recruit top-performing talent. Like leading retained search firms, we have access to the best-of-the-best executives and technologists. In fact, our expert recruitment research uncovers top talent others miss.

However, unlike traditional search firms, our recruiting research gives you more. Candidates you never dreamed existed. All the research.  An opportunity to save. We do it by making search smarter. Because smarter is better. Check out the Intelleratii Recruiting Research Blog to learn more.

Got Search?