Talent Mapping Research

Talent Mapping Research


As part of our executive search research services, Intellerati offers talent mapping research, org chart development, talent intelligence reports, and custom research.

We provide online org charts that show reporting relationships from the Chief Executive Officer down to the level required.

Intellerati researches and builds org charts of high-interest companies for talent acquisition and sourcing teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and competitive intelligence teams to power up their work. 

Org Charts

Candidate information is scattered across the Internet. It is often inaccurate, outdated, and lacking context. As a result, recruiters waste countless hours searching and, in the end, still have no idea whether they’ve found the best person for the job.

Target company org charts bring order to candidate chaos. They show you precisely where the talent is. All of our org charts come with available photos, biographies, contact information, and relevant links.

Talent mapping research can help you to stop searching and start finding the executive candidates you need.

Finally, an executive search research firm that builds org charts of our top competitors and other target companies of interest. 


How Intellerati Builds Org Charts

Piecing together an org chart takes real investigative research. That is why we use investigative researchers who come out of journalism. We develop confirmed reporting relationship intelligence and then draw inferences based on title hierarchies and other clues.

Next, we attempt to represent the org chart visually in a way that makes sense. Many companies are highly matrixed, making mincemeat out of reporting structures. Other companies are incredibly flat with shape-shifting development teams that go from project-to-project every few months. Companies continually morph.

That is why our org chart will never be a literal duplication of a company’s employee structure. Still, the work is an incredibly valuable form of competitive intelligence that informs strategy, recruitment, marketing, sales, and much more.

Talent Mapping Research For Recruiting

Talent Mapping research speeds time-to-hire because you don’t waste time sifting through disorganized, dated, and incomplete records on LinkedIn. In fact, many executives, especially technology talent, don’t even hang out on LinkedIn, because they don’t have to. We know how to find the latest, greatest talent seated in the function you are looking for.

Talent Mapping Research For Inside Sales

Intellerati offers custom org charts for inside sales teams to help them target the right executives. Chief Revenue Officers leverage org charts to set sales strategy as well as to discover marketing prospects and sales leads. We create custom org charts from scratch. They are for your sales team only, giving your company a competitive advantage. You can identify key stakeholders and executives with buying power. Sales teams use our org charts to go after virtually every viable prospect at companies whose business you want to win.

Talent Mapping Research For Competitive Intelligence

Talent mapping research is a form of competitive intelligence. Our clients use org charts to study the competition and other companies of interest. Employers use them to efficiently restructure their teams. Management consulting firms use org chart research to inform business strategy, organizational design, and management consulting engagements. In fact, they all do it to make themselves smarter.

To learn more about org charts, check out The Definitive Guide to Org Charts

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