Passive Candidate Research


Intellerati specializes in technology executive recruitment research. Therefore, we work at the talent epicenter of new and emerging technologies. For this reason, we specialize in recruiting Technology, Engineering, Product Development, Cybersecurity, and Product Management Executives. We regularly conduct passive candidate research, mapping some of the most powerful technology executive teams in the world.

We also have experience sourcing senior executives for other C-level functions: Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, and more.

Because we search smarter, we have laid down a track record of success that keeps clients coming back for more.

Functional Expertise

C-Level Leaders. EVPs. SVPs. Vice Presidents. Senior Technologists. 

Intellerati is an executive search firm alternative. Our recruiting research resembles the work of retained executive search firms.

Like elite retained search partners, we identify, profile, qualify, and recruit top-performing talent. We have access to the best-of-the-best executives and technologists.

In fact, our expert recruitment research uncovers top talent others miss.

“Smarter candidate research really is how to outperform traditional retained search firms. That’s the power of research done well.”

Functions Researched

CAIO, Chief AI Officer, Head of Artificial Intelligence

CAO, Chief Analytics Officer, Head of Analytics

CDO, Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Science

CTO, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Engineering

CIO, Chief Information Officer, Head of IT, Head of Infrastructure

CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Cybersecurity

CPO, Chief Product Officer, Head of Product

Recruitment Research Levels

C-Level, Chief, CXO


General Manager

Executive Vice President

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Managing Director



Learn more about our Functional Expertise

To learn more about our executive search research and passive candidate sourcing expertise, check out our global reach and the industries we serve. You can also check out our Executive Search Research Blog to read some of our thought leadership on executive search research best practices. We believe in smarter sourcing, so we make it a practice to share the knowledge. That’s how we roll.

Smarter sourcing has its advantages. To learn more, check out our Eye-Opening Executive Search Research Video.

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