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Executive Recruiting Fees Vs Recruiting Research

Intellerati understands that executive search research buyers want recruiting research pricing information when they shop for services. We believe in providing you with essential candidate sourcing prices up front and to share our thinking on executive search research pricing in general.

there are three pricing models to evaluate for executive recruiting fees: contingency, retained, and research.  Contingency charges 25% of first year base salary for a placement. Retained charges retainers of 30-33% of total cash compensation, regardless as to whether a hire is made. Research charges for by the name, by the hour, or by the project. The deliverable is research that looks a lot like recruiting. Recruiting research is the only model that gives you the opportunity to save.

Pricing You Can Trust

Intellerati believes in giving you recruitment research pricing you can trust. (That’s what we’d want if we were shopping for candidate sourcing services.) For that reason, we charge by the engagement. We charge a flat fee based on the amount of work that we do.

Opportunity to Save

Intellerati’s recruitment research pricing gives you the opportunity to save. Traditional search firms charge a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary or total cash compensation.  When you hire a search firm candidate, you pay that full fee regardless. You don’t pay less if the search firm does less work. Intellerati charges for the amount of work that we do.  Our flexible pay-as-you-go retainer ensures that you only pay for the amount of recruiting research work you need: no more, no less.

We Give You More

We hand over all the candidate research, something traditional search firms never do. You can use it to make hires at no additional cost. We don’t claim “ownership” of candidates for placement fees. We don’t make you do extra work tracking what candidates are ours. Our candidate sourcing research comes with no strings attached or additional fees. The candidate research is yours to keep.

Why We Do Not Charge by the Name

We do not charge by the name because we believe you deserve better.  Charging by the name sets up a conflict-of-interest. It provides powerful financial incentive for a recruitment research firm to sacrifice quality for quantity. The resulting research frequently is haphazard, unfocused, and a waste of your time. Of course, we can do volume, if that’s what you need. We regularly conduct massive global talent mapping, succession planning, and candidate sourcing initiatives. But it is essential to think about how you want to pay for that work and to consider the implications of different pricing models.

Why We Do Not Charge By The Hour

We do not charge by the hour because you shouldn’t have to worry that the meter is running. Charging by the hour often sets up a nickel-and-diming billing and we’d rather not go there. You deserve to know what an engagement costs at the outset. Besides, we regularly clock serious hours in excess of a client’s expectations. That’s how we roll. We enjoy going the extra mile. We don’t want to hold back going the extra mile because extra hours and overtime would cost you more. So we eliminate that problem by eliminating hourly billing. Another reason we do not charge by the hour is to avoid apples-to-oranges comparisons. We are not a recruiting research firm that competes on price. Never will be. We compete on value.

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