Custom Org Charts make corporate executive search easier

Custom Org Charts

Intellerati offers custom org charts that we create from scratch. We build them by conducting executive mapping and robust org chart research. Clients use org charts to identify virtually every viable candidate at competitors or target companies. In doing so, they gain valuable insights they would not have learned any other way.

That’s because org chart research is a form of competitive intelligence. For example, clients use org charts to study the competition and other companies of interest. Employers use org charts to uncover top talent to recruit. Chief Revenue Officers leverage org charts to discover marketing prospects and sales leads. Management consulting firms use org chart research to inform business strategy, organizational design, and management consulting engagements. In fact, they all do it to make themselves smarter.

Org Chart Research for Competitive Advantage

Org chart research is a powerful thing. It shows you how a company is structured, where the talent is located, and more. Over time, org charts show you shifts in strategy — what teams or product groups a company is winding down and standing up.

Custom Org Charts are an executive mapping and talent mapping service that we offer in support of corporate executive recruiting and other business needs. We also offer Subscription Org Charts of high-interest companies.


Download our FREE Org Chart Guide

Download our FREE Executive Search Guide to Org Charts to learn more.

Organizational Mapping 

Organizational mapping — also known as executive mapping and talent mapping — produces company intelligence in the form of org charts. Company org charts shed light on how their competitors are organized. They show you precisely where the talent lies. 

Candidate Sourcing Best Practice

Organizational charts are a candidate sourcing “best practice”. But few candidate sourcers have the expertise required to  conduct org chart research. It takes serious investigative expertise. We develop reporting relationship intelligence and piece together org charts to understand where executive talent is seated at a company, the scope of his or her responsibilities, and how that person fits into the overall organization. 

Org charts make it easy to visualize the talent available at target companies.

More important, without mapping the reporting relationships, there is no way to determine how complete your sourcing is. Building out org charts is the only way to spot holes in the information and to take steps to plug those gaps. Org chart research help uncover less obvious talent that would have been missed by traditional candidate sourcing methods. 

To learn more about how to obtain org charts of other companies, see The Definitive Guide to Org Charts.


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