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Intellerati Classic is an alternative to top executive search firms. Our candidate sourcing looks and acts a lot like retained executive search. Yet our data-driven approach has its advantages. Our executive search research makes the executive search process smarter.

Smarter is better.

Moreover, we give employers the opportunity to save. Our next-gen executive mappingpassive candidate research,  and candidate sourcing focus on the front-end of the executive recruiting process. We deliver interested, qualified candidates to your doorstep — candidates you never dreamed existed. In doing so, we outperform traditional executive search firms.

Top Executive Search Firms Alternative

Our commitment to smarter executive search has made us the recruiting-partner-of-choice for a growing number of employers. We feel incredibly honored that so many companies turn to us when executive search firm engagements hit the wall. Employers trust us to rescue failed searches — the senior executive and technology openings that are incredibly hard-to-fill.  They trust us because our work is fact-based and rooted in knowledge.  That is why Intellerati Classic shares the candidate research. We are proud to show our work. More important, sharing that information opens up a dialog that leads to critical strategic insights.  We learn from each other.  We transcend.

Moreover, we do not conduct our research by rote. We apply pretty serious critical thinking and develop actionable intelligence to make the executive search process smarter. We share that strategic insight with clients.  That is how our fact-based, data-driven approach makes for a much more collaborative, effective process.

Retained Search Alternative

Employers that regularly use the executive recruiting services of Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds, Korn Ferry, and CTPartners understandably are frustrated by the high failure rate (40%) of retained executive search.  Nearly one-out-of-every-two retained executive searches fail to complete.

It isn’t always the retained search firm’s fault. Companies may decide not to backfill an opening. Hiring executives may wait too long to extend an offer. Employers may not extend competitive offers.  Yet even when you back out those numbers, the failure rate of retained search is simply too high.

Smarter executive search research helps bullet-proof your searches. We provide the information you need to find your hire. The risk of failed executive search is something few companies can afford. When retained search fails, it exacts a stunning cost.  Not only have employers lost their investment in retained search fees. They have lost the revenues the executive would have generated. They have lost time-to-market. They have lost team morale. They have lost competitive advantage. 

Contingency Search Firm Alternative

Contingency search firm model is not the answer either. Because contingency firms are not paid to do the actual work of search, they must focus on the fastest, easiest placements. As a result, they regularly abandon searches and important openings languish unfilled. Moreover, they recruit active candidates, typically a lower quality candidate pool. They do not conduct recruiting research to identify and deliver the best candidates.  Search firms that do not conduct original recruiting research and that fail to leverage actionable intelligence are, in effect, searching with their eyes closed. Employers deserve so much better.

We offer a flexible pay-as-you-go solution, one-month-at-time. Often, a month is all you need. More important, our solution mitigates risk. When contingency fails, you have no idea what — if anything — they did on your behalf because they don’t owe you an explanation. When they succeed, you always pay full price. There is no opportunity to save.

Intellerati believes you deserve better. We not only deliver a slate of contenders but also hand over all the research — something contingency firms never do. They rarely, if ever, conduct research. You can use that research to make more hires at no additional cost. In addition, the research serves as an audit trail for unprecedented transparency and due diligence. Honestly, it doesn’t get better than that.

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