AI Talent Maps

Apple. Facebook. Google. And that’s not all.

Intellerati offers AI Talent Maps of the leading technology giants employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science talent. We offer AI Talent Maps of the top technology companies because clients keep asking for that information. It doesn’t matter what industry those clients are in. Employers seated in advertising, biotech, consulting, financial services, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, retail, and technology are all pursuing AI leaders, AI scientists, AI engineers, and AI technologists. VC-backed startups have to hire AI talent to scale. Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies require artificial intelligence leaders to compete. They don’t want to be left behind.

What are AI Talent Maps, Exactly?

They are visual depictions of talent hierarchies.

AI Talent Maps are formatted as org charts. They feature talent in the artificial intelligence discipline at the world’s largest AI employers. We offer AI Talent Maps maps for Apple, Facebook, Google, and more. AI Talent Maps include talent in the AI continuum from artificial intelligence and machine learning to advanced analytics and data science. 

To chart the AI talent, we confirm reporting relationships using primary and secondary sources. Next, we infer reporting relationships and teams based on available information. For some companies with incredibly flat organizations — with AI and ML talent seated across the company in myriad teams — we group AI talent by level, technical focus, or geographical location. The end product is a visual talent map.

The beauty of AI Talent Maps is this: Just one glance and you see what talent is where. Just one click and you can review each individual’s biography and more.


AI recruitment is famously hard. AI Talent Maps make it easier.

Ever since the New York Times reported “Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent,” senior leaders have been fully warned. Recruiting top AI talent is incredibly challenging. Setting strategy is key. One powerful way to inform your strategy is to study the talent pools of the leading AI companies. AI Talent Maps help you see what those top companies are doing. 

Technology Giants Offer the Deepest AI Talent Pools

Why are we offering AI Talent Maps of the technology giants? The top technology companies are experts in cultivating AI talent. Leading AI employers include Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook. The bigger the tech company, the deeper the pool.

Those tech giants all have made AI central to their overarching business strategies. They are infusing AI into virtually all that they do. As a result, they have invested heavily in AI R&D. They have built cutting-edge AI products and services, and they have more in the works.

To do that, the tech giants have recruited a massive amount of AI talent, targeting the best-of-the-best. They offer compensation in excess of $1 million to attract the most brilliant minds. But they also hire famed AI scientists because less-experienced AI scientists will want to work alongside and learn from those AI superstars. They are AI talent magnets.

Those are just a few of the reasons technology giants offer the deepest AI talent pools. The largest technology companies in the world have invested considerable sums of money in the acquisition, cultivation, and intellectual growth of their AI talent. Clearly, they invest in top AI talent to reap a massive return on investment (ROI).

But therein lies the opportunity,

You can capitalize on their investment. There are lessons to be learned from AI Talent Maps.

AI Talent Maps and ML Talent Maps Make You Smarter

Clients come to us for AI and ML talent maps to recruit top AI talent. All the time.

Some do it to recruit faster, better, and for considerably less money. AI Talent Maps give you a deep list of prospective candidates from which you can recruit. That information is yours to keep. You can use that information to make hires at no additional cost. In other words, talent maps enable you to recruit AI talent without paying 33% of total compensation for each and every hire. For multiple hires. AI Talent Maps can save you millions of dollars in search firm fees.

Some do it to benchmark artificial intelligence talent. AI Talent Maps enable clients to examine the kinds of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics talent seated at the leading tech giants. Clients do it to get a clearer sense of what kind of talent they need for their own organizations. In doing so, they consider the skillset, leveling, education, and career tenure. To recruit the right AI talent to any organization, you must determine what you need before initiating a search. Talent Maps — whether for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, or Data Science — make for smarter search.

Some do it for other strategic reasons. Talent Maps are a form of competitive intelligence. Valuable strategic business insights can be gleaned through the study of AI Talent Maps. Talent Maps help inform AI best practices: They reveal how AI teams are structured and how they operate. Over time, AI Talent Maps can reveal whether a company’s AI efforts are growing or shrinking. AI Talent Maps can help identify new AI teams and secret AI products in development. The study of talent wrapped around any technology can shorten product development cycles, identify emergent competitors, and inform M&A. 

More Than a Talent Map

In addition to the visual talent map, we provide AI Talent Map buyers with corporate biographies that we’ve pieced together from available information. We also develop email and phone contact information. That information empowers you to act. It helps you prioritize lists of AI leaders and scientists you’d want to contact using that confirmed contact information. 


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Do you want talent maps of other companies besides the tech giants? We go there, too. We regularly go into other companies with AI talent pools that are relevant to our client’s specific needs. 

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Want context? Our AI Intelligence Reports detail the methods that companies use to recruit top talent; identify potential target companies, and provide other powerful competitive intelligence insights.

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