Next-Gen Executive Search Research

Intellerati is an executive search research firm that recruits board and senior-level executives for some of the most powerful and successful companies in media and technology. Intellerati partners with hiring executives and internal executive recruiters, serving as a seamless extension of their own in-house teams.  We do it direct and on demand, super-charging the efforts of corporate executive search teams.  In fact, we’ve been helping companies recruit C-level executives and technology luminaries for more than a decade. 

Retained Search Alternative

Our approach resembles that of retained executive search firms. Like retained search firms, we identify, profile, qualify, and recruit top performing talent. Like Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds, CTPartnersRiviera Partners, and Daversa Partners, we have access to the best-of-the-best executives and technologists.  However, if you are seeking a traditional retained search firm, walk on by.  

We are a data-driven recruiting research firm positioned as an alternative to retained executive search firms.  We’re the partner that companies turn to when they do not want to go out to retained search.  They turn to us because our research makes executive search smarter. 

Smarter Search is Better

Founded by an award-winning investigative television journalist, Intellerati believes in the power of better information.  It is how you make search smarter Our data-driven approach captures intelligence and delivers candidates you never dreamed existed. We are not talking about typical “recruiting research” that often is referred to as “name gen” or “name generation”.  Name generation is not the issue these days.  TMI is. Recruiters are drowning in too much information. Increasingly, they are missing A-players because too many lesser candidates get in the way. They lack they expertise required to deal with the tsunami of data. 

Data-driven Executive Search

Hiring executives and corporate executive recruiting teams deserve more than a list of potential executive candidates. You deserve to know who is good.  However, typical retained search sourcing processes were never designed to answer that question.  In fact, executive search research “best practices” are missing a critical step.  That missing piece goes a long way toward explaining why 40% of retained executive search engagements fail to complete. Remarkably, executive search firms insist on searching with their eyes closed.

Seize the Opportunity

Research is the execution engine of executive search.  It is how you identify, profile, qualify, calibrate, and ultimately recruit candidates you never dreamed existed. Built a better engine and you create the ultimate executive search machine.  

Therein lies the opportunity

You need a much higher level of expertise to harness the treasure trove of candidate information available outside traditional recruiting databases and LinkedIn.  Think Nate Silver. Think Moneyball.  That’s where we come in. Intellerati offers data-driven investigative research expertise that you simply cannot find at any other firm.

Intellerati is a executive search research firm dedicated to the proposition that there has to be a better way. Making executive search smarter has its advantages.  

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