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Case Study

Each Intellerati Case Study in executive search research and passive candidate sourcing offers insights into why investigative candidate sourcing is so very effective. Intellerati is dedicated to serving the smart ones. The corporate talent seekers. The Intellerati. The levelers of playing fields. The ones who recruit differently. intellerati makes legendary hires possible.

Intellerati tracks critical metrics for all our executive search research, diversity recruiting research, and executive talent mapping research engagements. We measure what we do to discover opportunities to raise the bar. We are dedicated to innovating faster-better-smarter ways to deliver game-changing talent. To measure the effectiveness of our innovations, Intellerati makes it a practice to conduct case studies.

Each case study enables us to tease out the many ways we help our clients. Sometimes we don’t understand all that clients value until we ask. Moreover, our case studies help clients understand our approach and the potential it holds to make recruiting smarter. Because smarter is better.

Each case study demonstrates our domain expertise and subject-matter knowledge that informs Intellerati executive search research services: candidate sourcing and candidate identification; candidate development; talent mapping and org charts; and diversity recruiting research.

top-secret executive search

Top-Secret Executive Search Case Study

A technology giant engaged Intellerati to fill a mission-critical opening for which failure was not an option. The engagement was the ultimate needle-in-a-haystack search.  In fact, our client informed us that it had “no idea where in the world the ideal candidate might be located or whether the candidate even exists.”