Passive Candidates

Passive Candidates Explained

Research that identifies and profiles passive candidates helps you search with your eyes open. Recruitment research is designed to make search smarter. In fact, passive candidate research eliminates many of the things that are broken about executive recruiting. It focuses on mapping prospective candidates who are not actively looking for their next job — so-called passive candidates.

Passive Candidate Research

Passive Candidates are Better

Passive candidates are considered a higher quality candidate pool. Comparatively, active candidates include executives who have been fired and those who are disgruntled. By proactively identifying, profiling, and recruiting the best talent, passive candidate research firms deliver exceptional results. What is why passive candidate sourcing firms are an alternative to traditional search firms.

 Executive Recruiting Research Advantages

1. No Conflict-of-Interest

Executive recruiting research firms do not charge a percentage of a candidate’s salary. That’s a good thing. Percentage-based search firm fees set up a conflict-of-interest.  They provide incentive to a search firm to inflate the salaries of the candidates they recruit. You shouldn’t have to wonder where a search firm’s loyalties lie.  Recruitment research firms typically charge by the name, by the hour, or by the project. So research firms have a pricing model you can trust.

2. No Budgetary Surprises

Percentage retainers make it impossible to know exactly what a search will cost. That is why Intellerati works by a simple flat fee. Our Intellerati Classic and Intellerati Ultra packages give you unprecedented flexibility to scale up or scale down your candidate identification and qualifying needs as the needs within your organization change. Of course, we are not the only recruiting research firm out there.  Other executive recruiting research firms include Qualigence, Sheila Greco, and RW Stearns. We want you to explore your options to make an informed decision as an executive recruiting research buyer. We believe in helping you do that.

3. A Fact-based Approach

Executive recruiting research firms look and act a lot like search firms. We all do recruiting. But our deliverable is information. Compared to most search firms, our approach is much more fact-based and data-driven.  Recruitment research firms regularly uncover top candidates that search firms miss. In fact, retained search firms turn to recruiting research firms for help on challenging searches. We have the research expertise that they lack. Recruiting research firms often identify and develop candidates that search firms, in turn, hand over to you, the client. By using a recruiting research firm, you eliminate the middle-man — the search firm.

4. Research Expertise.

Executive recruiting research firms offer research expertise.  Every research firm offers unique advantages. Intellerati was founded by a former award-winning investigative journalist with a speciality in computer-assisted research and data analytics. That’s expertise you won’t find at most search firms. However, it is the kind of expertise you need to make executive search smarter.  You need it because retained search fails to complete 40% of the time. So being fully informed helps make your executive searches bulletproof.

5. Competitive Advantage

Passive candidates give you a competitive advantage. Executive talent mapping — proactively identifying, profiling, and ultimately recruiting the best-of-the-best is how you win. It is how you boost the ranks of your diverse executives. Executive recruiting research is how you go from being reactive in executive talent acquisition to being proactive. It is how you empower yourself because knowledge is power. Executive recruiting research firms give you that knowledge.