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Eye-Opening Executive Search Research Video

Executive Search Research Video

Sourcers and Recruiters Blinded by LinkedIn?

Our latest executive search research video tackles one of the biggest issues in executive recruiting. LinkedIn is how most passive candidates are identified. Yet, due to LinkedIn’s failure to verify candidate information and unwillingness to structure the data so that it is easier to search, for many recruiting sourcers and recruiters, LinkedIn has become a massive time drain.

How do you feel about the amount of time you spend on LinkedIn?

Candidate sourcing teams and executive recruiters rely heavily on LinkedIn. The time it requires to sift through more than 850 million members leaves little time to figure what where each candidate is seated in a company or to map entire teams of viable executives.

Inevitably, dream candidates are missed, which causes executive searches to fail. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. A growing number of our executive search research clients have joined the Intellerati because they believe in Intelligent Search. It is time that search got smarter.

Power Up Recruiting Research Expertise

Executive search research, when performed by experts, is a best practice. It gives you the insights you need to set your search strategy. It provides you with insights into how and where your competitors recruit. Talent mapping analyzes talent pools to determine where to recruit and what kind of executives to target. For hard-to-fill data science and artificial intelligence roles, this form of human capital intelligence is more than a best practice. It is a survival guide. It gives you your best shot at recruiting the talent you need.

Candidate Sourcing and Executive Talent Mapping

On average, 40% of retained executive searches fail to complete according to the Executive Search Information Exchange. They fail because executive search firms and corporate executive recruiting lack the advanced research expertise needed to make executive search smarter. With the amount of data doubling in the world every two years, executive recruiters are drowning in candidate data. As a result, executive openings go unfilled for months. The failure to fill important openings exacts a tremendous cost. Companies can lose millions in revenues, time-to-market, and lost morale. The longer a search drags on, the more exhausted existing employees become and the more motivated they are to leave.

Supercharge your executive recruiting. Research is the execution engine of executive recruiting that identifies and delivers top talent: build a better engine and you create the ultimate recruiting machine. With Intellerati, corporate executive recruiters have a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by making executive search smarter. Our latest video depicts the new paradigm.

Advocate for Smarter Candidate Sourcing

When you advocate for smarter candidate sourcing, you reap the benefits. You make executive search smarter and powerfully effective. Better yet, you make executive recruiting so much easier for you and your organization.

About Intellerati

Intellerati is a human capital intelligence and executive search research practice headquartered in the Greater New York City Area. We are the research division of The Good Search. We recruit board and senior-level executives for some of the most powerful and successful companies in media and technology. We do it direct and on demand. Positioned as an alternative to retained executive search firms, Intellerati partners with hiring executives and internal executive recruiters, serving as a natural extension of their own in-house recruiting teams.

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Krista Bradford

Krista Bradford

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