How Low Can You Go?

In social networking circles, a low LinkedIn member ID number gives you street cred. Because LinkedIn numbers its users sequentially. the lower the member ID, the longer you’ve called LinkedIn your business networking home.  Of course that raises the question, how does one find one’s user number, particularly if your LinkedIn profile sports a vanity URL? For instance my personalized LinkedIn profile ID is However, that’s just my public profile. When I click on the button View Full Profile, I get taken to a page that has my ID in the URL.  Just look for the number after the “id=” part of the URL.  Your number comes right are the equal sign in


It’s a little easier to find the exact date that you joined LinkedIN.  Simply login and click on Setting in the drop-down under your name in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Settings wil take you to a window where LinkedIn displays your start date after the words “Member since” on the upper left side of the screen:

The How Do I Find My User ID topic came up in comments on a article I wrote for called The Trouble with LinkedIn: Grey Goo.

I thought it would be fun to set up a separate thread to invite people to share their LinkedIn numbers and start dates.  It would be interesting to see when most people started as well as to see how low we can go!  Please comment with your start date and user ID To begin the experiment:

Krista Bradford: December 10, 2003, LinkedIn Member ID 5957