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Knowledge is Power

While no one knows the precise origin, the quote is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon. The Latin translation is “Scientia potentia est” though we prefer the related saying “Sapientia est potentia”.  Wisdom is power.

What does this have to do with executive search and recruiting?


We live in the Age of Information. Big Data has gotten so big in fact few people can “get their arms around it.”  A recent Harvard Magazine article reported, “There are now a billion social-media posts every two days . . . which represent the largest increase in the capacity of the human race to express itself at any time in the history of the world.”


While the sheer volume of information coming at us is stunning, what really matters is what we can do with all that information.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

We devote most of our adult lives to work. Imagine what would happen if suddenly we eliminated the many inefficiencies that stand in the way of great talent and great companies finding one another. Imagine the careers that could be optimized, the families that would be raised up, the companies that would grow and prosper, and the jobs that would be created.

It is a virtuous circle.

Information that wasn’t there before holds the potential to make executive search and talent acquisition smarter.  But only if we become smarter ourselves.

To harness the power of knowledge in executive search research, we need to learn a thing or two. Then we need to keep on learning . . . a lot.  To assist in that effort, we’ve will be sharing what resources we can right here. Talent mapping. Candidate Sourcing. Executive Recruiting. The works.  Still trying to come up with a short list of recruitment research firms? No worries. We’ve drawn up a list of the Top Ten Recruitment Research Firms that includes our competitors. We do it in the spirit of paying it forward. We quite literally could change the world.

So, let’s do this.